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Tall Ships

Partners: Tall Ships Youth Trust,
Jubilee Sailing Trust

Young Person's View:

"I have just completed the voyage on the Stavros Niarchos, the voyage was for seven days and has been a great experience."

Rank Challenger Race Week - June 2011

I was a pupil at Mullion School on the Lizard and am pleased to be a volunteer for LOT: the invitation to join a Challenger Voyage was amazing. This was my first time on a Tall Ship; I had done some dinghy sailing, but still wondered if I'd be seasick! The ship itself was very impressive, the food was very good, something different each day; the bunks were comfortable.

I found the booklet before departure very helpful. The kit list was great. The on board organisation was superb, a real credit to the skipper Steve. The voyage itself was fantastic. The first day we motored to Cowes to get the feel of the boat; the second day we motored because of the tides, we got acclimatised to the boat, were able to observe and to do basic jobs. I was pleased to muck in, talk to new people, and be part of the team. At the beginning I was apprehensive about the people and the tasks, and how I'd cope, but the whole experience was fantastic.

Some of the Scottish group were really impressive - how they had overcome adversity and turned around negative experiences. I hope some of us will keep in touch. I was delighted to be asked back as a Watch Keeper on a future voyage. The whole thing was fantastic, and I'd like to be able to have time to continue with this new found experience.

Also in my spare time I enjoy being part of the mine and cave rescue team. I love to travel. I am passionate about skiing. I first learnt to ski when I was 11, on a school ski trip; when I left school, every year until 2006 I accompanied and helped the annual ski trip. The photo was taken earlier this year when skiing with friends in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Mike Palmer (aged 38) Summer 2011

Tall Ships Youth Trust

In February 2011, the Rank Foundation initiated and funded an exciting Challenger Voyage, bringing together three groups of young people from different projects in the U.K. LOT's youth worker took part, together with Emily, Esme, Leah and Nessie, who have each described their experience.

Emily's Account Esme's Account
Leah's Account Nessie's Account

In December 2010 two year 8 students from Mullion School, Hannah and Frances, participated in a Tall Ships voyage from Portsmouth; they were again funded by the Rank Foundation. Please read the accounts of their adventure.

Frances' Report
Hannah's Report

In November 2009, thanks to funding by the Rank Foundation, LOT's youth worker, Jenny Dickinson and her husband James set sail on a Tall Ships voyage from London to Coruna. Unfortunately, due to very bad weather, they only sailed as far as Southampton, but they did acquire significant sailing skills on that short voyage!

Thanks to the generous bursaries of the Rank Foundation, in August 2007 LOT was able to send 2 Mullion School pupils Tom Seaton and Joe Smith to Torbay to take part in the Tall Ships Challenge.

This is Tom's report.

In October 2007 an adult volunteer, Graham Pascoe rose to the challenge. This is what he had to say about his experience.

Graham's Report

Jubilee Sailing Trust
Again, 2 more generous bursaries from the Rank Foundation allowed Chris Mitchell (a young carer and former pupil at Mullion School) to join an amazing voyage.

Find out more about Chris on the Student Profiles page.

LOT was eligible to apply for these bursaries as we are receiving funding from the Joseph Rank Trust for our Youth Worker.

The Rank Foundation also sponsored Lawrence's voyage on the Lord Nelson as part of his Gap placement. His voyage from 12th March - 3rd April 2011 is recounted in his report below.

Lawrence's Account